Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What this blog is for -

This is a blog to collate whatever I'll translate from here onwards, currently only "I got stuck in real life, so it's okay to get addicted to an MMO, right?" (Jinsei-MMO), a web-manga by Muu-Muu, or Muu X2. I'm grateful to Boon for the name, and referring me to it in the first place.

I guess I just wanted to scanlate so that more people could enjoy manga the way I did when I read them through first time. I'll also try to improve quality over time, bear with the typesetting and such while I figure that stuff out.

As a general mission statement:
I don't have a problem with my scans being edited or posted anywhere.
I don't watermark or credits page, and while it's less of an issue for web-manga, I would abide by any legitimate takedown requests.


  1. Thank you for the manga, and well done! It's good quality.

  2. Doing all yourself, you trully are amazing (*`ω´)

    1. Doing this all by yourself*
      I must be drunk omg