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You can buy Nagata Kabi's first published volume in Japanese from amazon here.
She's also serialized on pixiv with something called 'One-person Exchange Diary'.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

From Amazon, in Japanese here.


Available in Japanese here.
Hanazawa's current serialization, 'I Am A Hero' is localized and available in Italian, Spanish and French.
Dark Horse recently announced it will be releasing 'I Am A Hero' in English, slated for 2016.
IIRC, they'll be releasing three volumes at a time.

Cat Soup

Available in Japanese here. Someone's translating Nekojiru Diary here.
There aren't official localizations for Nekojiru.
The artist herself sadly passed away in 1998. Here. 
Physical Japanese versions of Nekojiru's stuff here.

If you're into alternative manga, the guys at Habanero Scans are translating Garo back issues.


Most web-mangaka are hobbyists - sometimes they're looking to go professional.
Comment numbers are tied to the rankings on, which in turn increase the visibility of the series on their front page rankings.
Write whatever, practice your moonspeak.


Type in the field marked '読者感想欄' (reader's comments/impressions).

Oh, and he knows.

Japonica Ninja-Technique Guidebook

I don't think this exists anymore.

Cat Wars

NicoNico have rankings too. They're probably tied to views/comments.

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